Relief of pain is a core mission of medicine. Acute care clinicians routinely treat patients with painful conditions of varying intensities and durations, and of myriad etiologies and presentations. Our mandate is to manage pain at the same time that we manage the potential for pain medications to cause harm.

Management of Pain and Procedural Sedation in Acute Care is an open access, online textbook through which we hope to disseminate best practices in analgesia that accounts for what we have known for centuries about pain and pain management but may have forgotten; what the past two decades of expanded opioid use and resulting opioid addiction epidemic has taught us; and what evidence and consensus tells us about the best way forward.

This textbook is written and published with time and resources donated by the authors and editors, without financial support of any sort. Chapters are posted as they are completed.

reuben strayer, sergey motov, & lewis nelson